meHey, it’s Nolan here, glad to see you here! I’m just an average do-it-yourself American guy, who tends to do some [crazy] projects from time to time. Sometimes it’s just amazing what man can do with his hands. Add up:

  • Vivid imagination;
  • Written and planned idea;
  • Patience and dedication;
  • And finally The Right Tools;

and suddenly, the next moment you’ve made something amazing! This formula worked for me dozens of times! And it still works.

I must confess though, that I wasn’t always this dedicated and spirited, as I thought that DIY means do everything bare handed. So, when one day I’ve got nasty injury [actually I’ve got dozens of them], my wife showed “lovingly concern” by locking up my garage and hiding the key. She said something like “use your brains” and “stop being stupid”. That was the moment when my epic search for the Right Tools started.

Most of my time I work with the wood: the saw, hammer and soldering-iron are my best friends. I don’t consider myself clumsy, it just seemed that I need to go to the next level. I asked my friends, father and some professionals how I can become more productive with my hobby. Thanks to them, I was pointed at the right direction.

This was the time when I found out what framing nailer is. It took me decent time to find out the best model. This awesome tool allows me to be super productive and efficient – I can make fast prototypes and save tons of time.

I made this website so you can save your precious time for finding the very best framing nailer. This website contains my tips, reviews and common sense for choosing the right tool for your needs. I really hope that this place will help you make the right decision and make something amazing. Good luck with your projects folks! Feel free to give me a word info@framingnailerreport.com, also, check out my facebook!